Build Information Technology™ - Introduction
Building Hi-Tech Products - Better, Faster, Cheaper™


BuildIT® - The Hi-Tech Product Manufacturing System

Industry Quotes

“BuildIT® is much needed. There are too many gaps between what really happens, and what the existing systems cover.”

VP Manufacturing Research
IT Research Sector

“BuildIT® ... will solve all our problems in one go. We've never seen anything like it!"

Director of Strategy
Civil Aviation Sector

“BuildIT® is very well suited to the needs of the European Space Industry”

AIT Specialist
European Space Agency



The production / integration of high technology products (such as aircraft, ships, satellites, etc.) is a massively complex process, requiring timely, accurate, and comprehensive information from a broad range of sources.

Challenges facing today’s High-Tech product manufacturing include:

The main problem behind these challenges is not poor personnel or equipment, but a failure to use the right technology to manage the projects.

Today’s manufacturing management systems – MRP, ERP, PLM, etc., are all Project Management based. However, Project Management is very much a monitoring technology, and not a controlling technology. For example, ERP lets you monitor that a slippage is happening, and forecasts that it will delay the launch or ship date by "so-much", but it does not put you in control to prevent it from happening.

BuildIT® - The Hi-Tech Product Manufacturing System

BuildIT® is a software product, designed “from the ground up” by Aerospace, Defense & IT Engineers, to be THE Controlling Technology for managing high-technology manufacturing projects.BuildIT® is a sophisticated software package which embodies Build Information Technology™.

It has been designed in conjunction with leading industry manufacturing engineers, specifically to:

In other words, it builds High-Tech Products Better, Faster, and Cheaper.™

Major cost & time savings, plus quality improvements are not the only benefits of the BuildIT® system. The potential for Prevention-of-Loss, as well as very substantial Risk-Reduction, are also major benefits.

In the following web pages, you will see why BuildIT® meets a need no other manufacturing technology can address. You'll also see a sample of its features & benefits, and be able to download an introductory brochure, and to contact us for further information.

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